Bailey Burton Fine Art

Great Falls, Montana

Welcome to my world of painting

Hey, I'm Bailey! Thanks for being here!

I'm originally from the great lakes state of Michigan, where I received a Bachelors Degree in fisheries and wildlife from Michigan State University.

My studies have given me a deeper understanding of the importance and value wildlife has to our world. At the very least, a new appreciation for the lives wild animals lead.

The intricate patterns and details that are unique to each animal captivates me. You may find my work exemplifies these very feelings. I work in a series of layers. I begin by blocking in the values and dark tones, then working up to the highest level of detail and highlights. I am all about the tiny brush strokes to achieve a high level of detail. I like to tell people, detailing is my thing. It's my sweet spot during the painting process, it's where I find my groove. I am a self taught artist. I began my art career back in March of 2021. Every painting is a new lesson and brings new inspiration for the next piece. But of course, living in Montana, there is no shortage of inspiration.

Please send me a message with any questions! I'd love to chat.